Get Organized

Whether you’re looking at your business papers or home (or both), the end of the year is a natural time to get your paper and file systems organized.

Here are some quick tips to get started, even if you have NO system in place now at all…

  1. Collect mail, receipts, cards and other random papers you have all over the house.  Check your desk, pockets, bed side tables, dining table, countertops, your vehicle, etc.  You know where your stashes are!
  2. Get a file box and some empty file folders.
  3. Decide what categories you need…  start with 3-5 major categories.
  4. Start with sorting all your papers into those 3-5 categories (or use more if you really need to).  Trash what you don’t need.
  5. Set up files so it’s easy to KEEP it organized.  Make sure you have a file for every type of paper you need to keep.  Make a temp file if you know you’ll have papers you only want to keep for a while, then throw out (receipts for items until the return period expires, etc).

That’s it.  Keep it simple and you won’t be overwhelmed.

This list of tips is a great way to get a dis-organized significant other started with organizing their papers too.

Share these tips to help others get organized & share YOUR tips in the comments section below.  How do YOU keep your papers orderly?

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Let’s Wait Til After The Holidays…

The holidays are here!!! Yippee!!! Let’s put business on hold for two months and pick it up again in January. I need time to shop til I drop and rack up a boat-load of credit card debt to buy my friends and family stuff so they know I love them. Not to mention the days I’ll spend planning and cooking dinner with enough food to feed a small country.

WHOA!!! Hold the phone! Let’s stop for 2 seconds and think this through.

Thanksgiving is ONE day. Christmas is ONE day… TWO if you count Christmas Eve. You’re pretty much in the same boat time-wise if you celebrate a different holiday.

So why would you hold off on business for ONE-SIXTH of the year to prepare for this?

I have a few tips that just might make your holiday season… (1) more productive for your business AND (2) more ENJOYABLE. Isn’t that what it’s all about, after all?

A few years ago, when the economy was so rocky, my family decided to fore-go gifts for the adults and just buy for the kids. That year I actually enjoyed Christmas again!

It had started to feel like a burden, figuring out what to tell family members when they asked me what I wanted… If I really wanted or needed something, I’d usually already have it because I got it myself… Figuring out what to get them that they would actually like, need and use… And the money we would all spend!!! Yikes!!!

When we made the holidays about being together instead of about “stuff”, the real joy returned.

Here are SIX highly practical tips you can incorporate into your business and your life this holiday season to make it more enjoyable AND more productive for business

#1 – Talk to your family about downsizing the material side of the holidays and focus on the experience instead;

#2 – Create a holiday special for your products or services so when someone says, “let’s wait until after the holidays,” you have an incentive to encourage them to take action now instead;

#3 – Use the holidays as a reason to promote your business in a unique way, instead of as a reason to put off doing business… Make a quick fun video sharing your favorite holiday tradition, upload it to YouTube and share it with your friends, customers and other contacts. People like to do business with people they know and this will help them get to know you better as a person;

#4 – Send holiday cards to your contacts to remind them of you and bring a smile to their face (SendOutCards makes it easy);

#5 – Be extra attentive to responding to inquiries in November and December… Lots of people are distracted during the holidays so this is an opportunity for you to shine with potential clients who ARE looking for support now… Make sure you’re responding to inquiries and following up when your competitors might not be;

#6 – Set yourself up for a flood of business in January… If you WAIT until January to seal the deal, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment because people are tired and have over-spent from their activities over the past two months… However, if you set yourself up for January business by closing the deals over the holidays, you’ll avoid that dip… Offer savings, collect deposits, get creative and have a clear strategy.

Let me hear from YOU…  Share your favorite tips for keeping your business going strong over the holidays and how you put more joy into them. Tell me in the comments section below. I’m excited to hear YOUR great ideas!

Happy Holidays!


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Special Report – Top 3 Reasons Diets Don’t Work

As you may know, I’m collaborating with my mom, Cheri Hickman, on a program I believe in wholeheartedly! We’re launching our first group together (& her 3rd group) this Saturday.

This program is not about business directly…  although I believe it supports business success indirectly…  Excellent health is critical for success in business!

This program is for weight “release” (we don’t say “loss” because that implies it may be “found” again).  Even if you haven’t decided to join us in the Beautiful YOU program starting this weekend, I’d like to share this special report with you.

Download pdf – Special Report – Top 3 Reasons Diets Don’t Work

Please pass it on to anyone you know who might benefit from it as well and share your thoughts in the comments section.  I’d love to hear from you!

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Taking care of YOU with a Busy Business

When you’re busy with your business and your life, it can be challenging to find time to take care of YOU.  The most important aspect of taking care of you is your health and your body.  Why?  You need energy to get it all done!  To have real, sustainable energy, you need a healthy body.

So, how do you make that a priority when you’re so busy with business and family and friends and more?!!!

Watch this to find out…

Please share how you get it all done and make taking care of you a priority in the comments section below…

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To Be or Not To Be… Perfect

I’ve recently made a decision to take my authenticity to a new level.

I’ve always believed in being “yourself”.  Putting that into practice in real life is not always as easy.  There are some situations where you know (or suspect) there are certain expectations and you might feel compelled to conform in a way that you might not if you were being 100% authentic.

Especially in the business world, it’s very easy to put on a mask for the sake of “being professional”.  In fact, we all wear “masks” in various life situations.  The main reason we do this is usually out of concern of being judged.  And specifically, it is out of concern of being judged based on someone else’s criteria.

Maybe you feel you need to dress a certain way or behave a certain way, holding back key pieces of your personality out of concern for not appearing “professional”.

Ironically, I believe our REAL criteria for professionalism is probably more about integrity, purpose and contribution with any criteria about external appearance being much more  relaxed…  at least in the world of solo-business owners and heart-conscious professionals.  (Just to note, I’m not suggesting we go out in pjs or grungy clothes.  There’s nothing wrong with being put together!)

Solo-entrepreneurs, by nature, have a rebellious nature and I think it’s great for us to project that outwardly… so we reflect our full personalities…  whether that means dressing a little offbeat, questioning traditional ways of doing business and allowing ourselves to be “imperfect”.

Let’s talk about allowing “imperfections” to show.  I’ve seen many people NOT putting something of real value into the world because it isn’t “perfect”.  I’ve done it myself.  You might have noticed I’m putting more out recently and part of that is my letting go of the idea of making sure it has no flaws before putting it out.

Just the other day I did a Hangout video broadcast with my mom and it was definitely less than perfect.  It was the first time I used this technology with two people.  On top of that, we had a small technical challenge at the beginning which got us off to a late start.  I ended up starting the broadcast without doing much of an introduction; I wasn’t looking at the camera at the beginning and what I had prepared to start with was out the window!  It all worked out though and we got into a groove.

I’m not going to say I didn’t have concern over how this looked.  Sure I did.  I’m human and thoughts still go through my head about whether people are judging what didn’t go right.  Are people watching and thinking, “I don’t want to work with these people.  They’re unprofessional.”

What I choose to allow to override all this is that we are who we are.  We’re all real people.  It’s cool to show you that you can do this too and it doesn’t need to be perfect.  It’s real.  We’re talking.  It’s unedited.  You can do it too and be real and be yourself.  Sometimes it doesn’t go the way you expect and it’s ok.  I like to work with people who get that.

I don’t want to sit up on a high horse and act as if I’m perfect.  That’s not me.  I’m very down to earth.  And I want to project that!  I don’t want to project that I have this perfect flawless…  anything!  I don’t have perfect, flawless skin.  I don’t have a perfect, flawless presentation.

Is it even possible to be “perfect”?  What does that mean to you?  When you let the idea of being “perfect” hold you back from putting something out there, you never get it out there.

The bottom line is that it’s ok not to have it all together.  If you feel inadequate until it’s all perfect, you will always feel inadequate.  The beauty of life’s journey is that there is always more progress to be made.  As long as you are making progress and being yourself, you are more than enough just as you are!

Blessings & Abundance!


p.s. Here’s a great tool to support in cultivating principles of abundance and acceptance…  Mission Possibilities 12 Day Challenge…  Find out more & Get it HERE

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