How to Sell without Selling (and without being pushy)

I often hear people say…

“I don’t like selling.”

“I’m not good at selling.”

“I don’t want to be pushy.”

Maybe you can relate to some, or all of these feelings.

Here’s the deal… If you’re in business, you’re in sales. And that’s ok… because you can be in sales without “selling” and definitely without being pushy.

I have three specific tips for you today to sell without selling and to be sure you’re not being pushy.

#1 – Identify your ideal potential clients

The clearer you are on exactly who your ideal potential clients are, the easier it is for you to find them and speak directly to them. If you have difficulty articulating what you do, you probably haven’t clearly identified your ideal potential clients. While it might seem more lucrative to market to “everyone”, it’s not. I’ll share more on this in a future article. What you need to know for now is that you want what you say to resonate so clearly with your ideal client they feel as if you are inside their head and speaking directly to them.

#2 – Educate your audience

Once you know exactly and specifically who your ideal potential clients are, you also understand the problems they have and the common reasons they might hesitate to buy from you. Hesitation comes from a potential client having questions and often, not knowing what those questions are. You can educate them with high value information and help them understand everything they need to know to make the buying decision. This isn’t about educating them on how great you are, how much experience you have nor is it about how you can solve their problem. It’s about helping them understand their problem, what is at the root of it and what they need to solve it.

#3 – Ask if they want your solution

Only after you have given them high value content do you briefly share your solution in the context of their problem and ask if they want it. By this time, they know you know what you’re talking about and may already be asking you how they can get your solution!

Do you see how these three simple steps can help you sell without “selling” and without being push?!

Get the discussion going and make the real magic happen by sharing your ideas of how to sell without “selling” and without being pushy. Also, use the 3 steps and share your experience. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Results in 1 Hour a Day

Do you ever procrastinate?

Most of us do, at least sometimes. And when you do, it is probably because you feel overwhelmed by too much to do. It’s very common!!! It’s also very solvable.

Procrastination seems to happen most with actions that will quickly move you to your goals. Instead you spend time putting out fires and handling things that seem urgent in the moment, yet they aren’t as powerful as the actions you’re putting off.

Procrastination also happens when you look at ALL the actions you need to take to complete a big project, all at once. Here you have instant overwhelm and become frozen… or distract yourself to avoid it.

Here’s a simple trick that will help you in either situation.

#1 – Set aside 1 hour a day to focus ONLY on high impact actions… that means, those actions that will propel you toward your goals quickly.

#2 – Only think about the next one, two or three steps you need to take (depending on how long they’ll take you).

#3 – Set a timer for 50 minutes and focus your attention 100% on getting the first action completed, either until it’s done or until your timer goes off. If you complete it and still have time, focus 100% on getting the second action completed, either until it’s done or until your timer goes off.

Bottom line: If you spend 10 minutes planning 1-3 actions and 50 minutes with 100% focus on completing those high impact actions, you’ll move forward more quickly than if you work unfocussed all day. This also gives you tool to squeeze in high impact actions when you feel like you otherwise wouldn’t have the time.

Bonus Tip: If you have a special event going on, family in town, you’re on vacation, or something else is happening in your life that makes it challenging to fit in time for yourself… whether it’s a personal goal or your business, use this technique even if you need to shorten the time to 20 minutes (or even 10 minutes).

It’s ok not to do it all! You can always find a few minutes to do at least one quick, high impact action each day. And if you commit to doing so, you’ll have greater success than if you keep procrastinating because you don’t have the time to do it all.

“Small attempts repeated will complete any undertaking.” – Og Mandino

Resistance vs. Choice

The decisions you make in every moment of every day shape the life you create for yourself… including your business or career. The way you make decisions comes from your beliefs, from the way you see the world, from the way you think and ultimately, from your mindset.

When we’re talking about mindset, the word “resistance” is sure to come up as well.

Resistance is defined by Merriam-Webster as “refusal to accept something new or different” or “effort made to stop or to fight against someone or something.”

In the world of personal development, “resistance” is usually perceived as negative behavior. When you push back against something, it becomes difficult and there is struggle. To illustrate this physically, put your palms together in front of you and push both hands against each other. Nothing moves. No one gets anywhere. Now, stop pressing with one of your hands. There is movement and the struggle disappears. Your pushing hand will naturally stop pushing, without even thinking about it. When you let go of resistance and go with the flow, life becomes easier. There is no longer anything to push against, so the pushing stops.

Does this mean you have to go along with everything that comes your way? If you don’t, does it mean you are resistant and have some emotional block you’re not dealing with?

No. It’s doesn’t mean that at all.

You might simply be making a choice.

Choice is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities.”

When you make a choice that goes against what someone else wants, does that make you resistant? Maybe it looks like it to them and maybe they’ll even “call you out on it.” Then, maybe from your point of view, they are being resistant to you making your own choice. It’s all a matter of perspective.

If your parents wanted you to be an accountant and you wanted to be an artist, would you be resistant if you chose to be an artist. From their perspective, maybe you would be. From your perspective, you would be making the choice that best suits you. Maybe your parents resist that choice or maybe they support it.

If everyone caved to opposition, our world would be sorely lacking in innovation and amazing ideas. We would miss out on great talents and who knows what else. In fact, who knows what we’re missing out on because people have gone along with the choices other people made for them, just so they can appear to go with the flow.

The question to ask is whether your choice is empowering you or disempowering you.

A true choice, based on preference or belief, is empowering. A choice made out of resistance against the other option or options is disempowering. When you are aware of this distinction and are being honest with yourself, you will know the difference.

The answer is within YOU. No one else has it.

When you live in YOUR true, empowered choice, you can create the life and business you want.


What Are You Waiting For?

What lies are you buying into that you don’t feel “ready” yet?

Yes, I said LIES. Because lies are exactly what all your “reasons” (aka excuses) are.

When you say, “I’m not ready yet” to something that will move you forward with your business, what you are really saying is, “I am afraid of something that is stopping me and I don’t know what to do about it. I might not even know what it is. Worse yet, I might not even know I’m afraid!”

When you hear yourself saying, “I’m not ready.” STOP. Take a look at the logic (or lack of logic) and ask yourself, “WHY am I not ready?”

You’ll first come up with answers like, “I need to figure out exactly what my business is first” or “I need to get my website up” or “I haven’t worked out my pricing” and on and on and on.

If you wait until all the details are done to work with someone who can help you move forward, you’ll stay exactly where you are.

Yep, I’m talking about working with a coach/strategist like me. I can help with every one of the reasons above and more. I’m also talking about hiring someone to do your website or design your logo or do your books. I’m also talking about joining a networking group or booking a speaking gig or calling back a lead for business.

I’m talking about anything that will move your business forward where you find yourself saying, “I’m not ready yet.” I hear it all the time, for all kinds of reasons.

It’s a big fat LIE that you decided to believe. And it’s holding you back from your full potential. It’s holding you back from what you really want. It’s holding you back from complete happiness. It’s holding you back from making a difference in the lives of others. It’s holding you back… period.

Find the TRUTH that you ARE ready. Know that “ready” doesn’t mean done. It doesn’t mean perfect. It doesn’t mean you don’t have some work to do. And it doesn’t mean you’re not afraid.

When you find yourself saying, “I’m not ready yet”…

Ask yourself…

“Self… Why am I not ready?”

Ask, “Self… What do I need to be ready?”

Ask, “Self… Is that REALLY what I need?”

Ask, “Self… What am I afraid of?”

Ask, “Self… What am I waiting for?”

Here is an empowering affirmation to remind you that life is happening now, in every moment. Embrace your greatness and move forward with purpose in every moment.

“I release and clear all energy of waiting. This is IT. My life is happening now. There is no dress rehearsal. I live life boldly. I serve my purpose TODAY. I AM ready. I am ALWAYS ready.”

Now, if there is something you’ve put off because you weren’t ready, take action today… right now. Move yourself forward, whether it’s in business or life or both!

WHAT… are you waiting for?

Powerful Beliefs

“If you develop the absolute sense of certainty that powerful beliefs provide, then you can get yourself to accomplish virtually anything, including those things that other people are certain are impossible.” – Tony Robbins

This is one of my favorite quotes! In fact, I currently have it as part of my computer wallpaper so I see it every day. I have used this quote as the basis of affirmations to manifest amazing, real results in my life. It has worked, at least once, to turn around a situation that seemed firmly on the opposite path!

As someone with a background in science and engineering, it may seem counterintuitive that I would even use a word like “manifesting”. For some, I know it gives a sense of woo-wooey-ness that might not sit well. For me, I have no evidence to show that science and spirit can not co-exist.

Think of a time when you accomplished a goal or task you first didn’t think you could do. Imagine yourself back in that place and time. Feel what you felt. Think what you thought. Visualize the actions you took. What turned it around for you? What happened that allowed you to get it done instead of give up or fail?

Odds are, you shifted your mindset somewhere along the line. You might not have thought about it in that way. Maybe you suddenly decided you were just going to get it done, no matter what. You set your intention that failure was not an option. You got so focused that you believed you could do it. You developed “the absolute sense of certainty” by deciding to have a “powerful belief” that you could accomplish it.

Why does this work?

Everything is energy and has energy associated with it, including you. Imagine energy as something you can actually see. Visualize little sparkles of light everywhere to represent this energy. Imagine there is a bubble around you that makes up your own personal reality field.

Imagine that every thought you have (even the fleeting ones that are gone in an instant), every belief you have (even if you don’t realize you have it), every word you speak (even if you’re “just joking”), every action you take and every piece of information you take in from the outside and believe becomes a little sparkle of energy in your personal reality field.

Imagine one color of light represents thoughts and beliefs that move you in the direction of what you want. I’ll use pink in this article. And imagine a different color for those that move you away from it. I’ll use black for these particles.

These different particles (thoughts and beliefs) are creating your reality in every moment. If you have more black particles than pink, you will not create what you want. Once you tip the scale to have more pink particles, what you want will begin showing up.

Sometimes these little particles are created without us even realizing it. Lots of them are created in childhood and tend to be very “sticky”. In other words, they have a stronger hold on us. When we hear or experience something else that reinforces these “sticky” beliefs, we create more and more similar particles.

In order to create what you really want, you need to disintegrate the particles (beliefs) that are contradictory to that outcome and create powerful new beliefs that support the outcome.

Now you’re probably wondering, “How do I do that?”

I’ll give you a couple of tips to get started…

#1 – Awareness: Begin allowing yourself to be aware of your frequent thoughts and the beliefs behind them. Know that some of your beliefs may be unconscious and look for signs of them. You will find signs in your actions and results, particularly when they contradict what you say you want.

#2 – Honesty: Get real with yourself. Be willing to be honest and see what you might now want to see. Learn to be comfortable with some discomfort. Once you see the truth, even if you don’t like it, you will be able to do something about it. If you don’t let yourself see it, you stay stuck with it because it won’t change by itself.

#3 – Value Yourself and Your Goals: Step into what is really possible for you. Be willing to invest in yourself and in getting support to reach your goals. Know that you are worth it. There are many tools to help you shift your beliefs… and you will see results much more quickly and easily when you use them with someone who has the experience and know-how to use them effectively.

Develop that absolute sense of certainty in yourself by disintegrating dis-empowering beliefs and creating powerful beliefs. With this, you can change the world by beginning with yourself.