Rank Higher in Search Results: 10 Tips to Better On-Page SEO (Guest Article)

As a solo/small business owner, we are often tempted to do it all on our own.  Always remember, there are experts out there in every area.  Call on them to make your life easier and delegate whenever you can.  You’ll usually save yourself loads of time.  Here’s a guest article from Barbra Wolfe of In House Marketing LLC, an expert in web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Use her tips to DIY or call on her to do it for you.





We do self testing exams on our bodies; we submit ourselves for diagnostic blood work; we take our cars in for tune-ups. When is the last time you thought about the health of your website, your SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process, a comprehensive strategy, to move your website higher on the list of results that people see when they search for a keyword or key phrase on any of the search engines ie, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The more people that see your company appear in the search results, the more visitors you are likely to have, and that should have a positive impact on your bottom line.

There are two main categories of SEO tactics. “On page” refers to thing you can do on your website. “Off page” refers to all the other things in the universe that influence where you rank in search engine results.

So let’s check the SEO health of your website, your “on-page” SEO. Please keep in mind that your “on-page” SEO is just a qualifier, so to speak. You could do all the off page SEO strategies and have a zillion quality backlinks, but it’s all for naught if you don’t have a good foundation in place.

Tip 1:  Do you have a sitemap? A sitemap tells Google how your website is organized. It assists Google to crawl your pages. How can you tell?

1.  One way to tell if you’ve got a sitemap is to look at the Footer credits that appear on the bottom of every page along with the Copyright year and the name of the company who designed your website.

2.  Check your plug-ins. Do you see anything that says Sitemaps? I use Google XML Sitemaps.

For each page and each post on your website,

Tip 2:  Have you identified a relevant title, putting the most important descriptors at the beginning?

Tip 3:  Have you identified your page meta description? If you don’t, Google will pick copy from the page and it often won’t make sense.


This is a bad example of a title. What is the name of the upcoming event? This is also an example of what happens when you don’t tell Google what you want in the page description. “Venues are all within walking distance” was a phrase that Google chose from the home page. The home page consisted of pictures and links. The only copy on the home page was:

Shopping, sports complexes, and gaming venues are all within walking distance.

(Actually, this information doesn’t even make sense in the context of the home page, never mind a description for Google to use to describe the whole page, but that’s another issue.)

Tip 4:  Do you have relevant copy on each page that Google can search? You can’t have a title and description for Blue Widgets and then have the content of the page be about Pink Toothpicks. You can, but it will not help your SEO or your readers.

Tip 5:  Have you identified your Page meta keywords? (Google doesn’t look at keywords anymore but Yahoo and Bing certainly do.)

If you don’t know if this has been done, you can check the code itself.

Get out of your back office and go to your Home page as a public viewer. Right click on the main part of your page (but not on a picture). You’ll get a pop up box. In the middle of the pop up box, you’ll see “View page source”. Click on this. Don’t worry; you don’t need to know code or how to read it. But you should get familiar with this process because we’ll use it again to look for other things on your site. (And, of course, you can implement the same process to look at your competitor’s sites… Just sayin..)

The tops of my code pages look like this. The code is in red. The copy in black is what you create.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang=”en-US”>
<meta charset=”UTF-8″ />
<title>the title of your page ie: 20 Free Wealth Building Tips | Financial Wizard | Las Vegas </title>
<meta name=”description” content=”20 key wealth building tips are revealed for free from Financial Wizard’s newest book, the Wealth Finding Genius.” />
<meta name=”keywords” content=”best financial wizard, financial guru, wealth building, Las Vegas, whatever you want to write” />

Yours may not look like this because you have an older website or you have one built and hosted by GoDaddy. Regardless, now that you’re looking at the code, you can find these words by using the Control-Find feature. (Press CTRL and F at the same time.) Type in the word title. Do you see the title of this page? Type in the word description. Do you see a description of your page? Type in the word keyword. Do you see any keywords?

Tip 6:  Photos. Are you using “alt tags” every time you upload a photo? The search engines cannot see photos. They can only read the description of the photo that you type.

On one page of my Author website, I’ve got a picture of a woman blindfolded. When I uploaded the picture, I added the description, “Woman Blindfolded”.

If you look at the code page, press Control-Find, and type the word alt. You should see your alt tags. Here’s mine:
<p><img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-79 alignleft” src=”http://barbrawolfe.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/WomanBlindfolded-300×200.jpg” alt=”Woman Blindfolded” width=”300″ height=”200″ /></p>

Tip 7:  Have you set your page urls to make sense to the user? Google is very concerned with the user experience. Make sure your Permalink settings are set to “post name”. So, rather than seeing http://FinancialGuru.com/?p=123, you’ll see http://FinancialGuru.com/20-Free-Wealth-Building-Tips

Tip 8:  Links. Watch the words in your links; make them relevant and try to use keywords.

Tip 9: Are you linked to your social media sites?

Tip 10:  Google does not pay much attention to static websites. Do you have an active Blog?

Content. Content. Content. Relevant, Original, Fresh Content.

There’s lot more involved with SEO.  To learn more, contact me for our upcoming workshop schedule or meet with me to find out what I can do for your site.

Barbra Wolfe
President of In House Marketing LLC

3 Ways to Maximize Profits

To increase profits, you must either increase revenue, decrease expenses or both.
(Quick Quiz: Which do I recommend? Hint Hint… BOTH, of course!!!)

Even so, let’s keep it simple and look at the sexy side…
Makin’ more money! That’s much more FUN and exciting. I’m sure you agree.

There are 3 key (yep, it rhymes) ways to make more money.

#1 – Increase the number of Customers

This is the most obvious and most common area business owners focus on. When you sell to more people, you’ll make more money. Pretty straight forward, right?

#2 – Increase the number of Sales per Customer

Business owners often leave money on the table in this area. They either don’t offer additional products and services OR they don’t focus enough of their marketing efforts on enticing existing customers to buy from them more often. So,make sure you offer products and services that are related to the ones your customers are already buying AND market those complementary products and services to your existing customers. When you sell the same customers more stuff, you’ll make more money!

#3 – Increase the Revenue of Each Sale

Some business owners get freaked out OR downright dig their heels in when I suggest raising prices. “Yikes! People won’t pay more. It’s hard enough to get them to pay what I’m charging now!” That’s the mindset of someone stuck in a discount mentality… Sure, some people want cheap to free.

You can cater to them and, depending on your product or service, work your ass off to give stuff away… OR… You can cater to people who want high value and are willing to pay for it. Certainly, you must also clearly communicate (and provide) that higher value. When you sell high value stuff with a higher ticket price, you make more money!

To maximize maximizing profits, utilize all three methods in some combination.

Stay tuned as we go in more depth on exactly HOW to maximize utilization of these methods to maximize YOUR profits.

Now, I’d love to hear from YOU… Please leave a comment below… Share what you do to maximize profits… OR… What is your biggest challenge with using any of the methods in this article? Remember, what you share may make a world of difference to another reader… Or YOU might get an answer you need.

And, if you found this article useful, please pass it on to colleagues, friends, family or anyone you think could use a little extra support breathing life into their business to have more fun, freedom and money!

Raise Your Money Vibration

Today’s post is a follow up to my last post, “It Might Sound Woo-Wooey… But… It Frickin’ Works!!!” In that article, I explained why your energetic vibration is important and how it affects your reality.

If you haven’t read it and don’t buy into the energetic vibration idea because it’s too woo-wooey, go there first to get the full scoop from my very down to earth perspective.

Today I’m going to give you some very practical, tangible techniques you can use to raise your energetic vibration around money, so it becomes easier to get more of it.

Tip #1 – Awareness

Pay attention to your thoughts. Yes, your words are important. However, your thoughts are most important. If you find yourself saying, “I have more than enough money,” which is positive and supportive, yet you’re still thinking, “I’m so broke,” the thought will override the words you said and bring your energy down.

Focus on the thoughts you’re having. Don’t worry about changing anything just yet. Just notice what the thoughts are when you’re dealing with money.

Tip #2 – Stop and Shift in The Moment

Once you become aware of the thoughts you have around money and in what situations you have unsupportive thoughts, you can stop yourself and shift in the moment.

You might notice that every time you pay for something, you have thoughts of scarcity and maybe even resentment. Now, every time you are about to pay for something, STOP and notice your thoughts. Consciously shift your thought to something more supportive, which reflects what you really want.

Tip #3 – Come from Gratitude, Love, Trust & Joy

It probably sounds easier said than done to Stop and Shift in The Moment. To make it easier to shift your thought, focus first on your feelings. Find a way to feel gratitude. “I’m grateful that I have the money to pay for this now.” Feel a feeling of love in your heart and let that feeling of love expand. Feel total trust that more money will come to you and there is plenty. Finally, feel joyful as you pay the money and do it with the intention that it will come back to you 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times.

Emotions are the fastest way to shift your energetic vibration. Focus on these feelings when money comes to you also so you attract even more.

As you use these tips, you will feel the difference in your energy.

I’d love to hear from you too. Share your results in the comments section below. Let us know how you use these tips to shift your own energy and tell us how that changes your actual money situation.

It Might Sound Woo-Wooey… But… It Frickin’ Works!!!

Mindset is the most critical key to success, no matter how you slice it.

If you go around saying,

“I’m broke.”   “I don’t have the money.” “I can’t afford it.”

You’re going to keep being broke. You’re going to keep not having the money. You’re going to keep not being able to afford it.

If you go around saying,

“I don’t have any clients.”   “No one wants to pay.”   “I’m just not good at getting clients.”

You’ll keep attracting the same thing. You’ll keep not having any clients. You’ll keep attracting people who don’t want to pay. You’ll keep not being good at getting clients.

However, if you shift your own vibration, then you can change what actually happens in your life… You can change your reality.

It might sound woo-wooey… but… it frickin’ works!!!

When you think thoughts about being broke, not being able to afford it, not being able to attract clients… these thoughts bring down your energetic vibration.

Think about it. How do you FEEL when you’re having thoughts like this? You probably feel heavy, lethargic and maybe even a little dark. If you really pay attention, you can actually FEEL that your energy is lower.

Everything is energy. We are energy.

It might sound woo-wooey… but… basic physics tells that mass (our bodies, objects, any physical matter you can hold in your hand) is simply Energy in another form.

E=mc2 (Energy = mass times the speed of light squared)

“It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.” – Albert Einstein, “Atomic Physics” film 1948

Like energy attracts like energy. So if you’re going around with low vibration thoughts and feelings, you’ll attract more low vibration results. If you’re going around thinking, “I’m broke” all the time, you’re going to attract more being broke.

As far as I know, it’s not scientifically proven and accepted that our thoughts create our reality. There’s a lot of red tape involved there. I have seen some studies and experiments that show a correlation. More importantly… and the best way for me to believe it works… is my own personal experience. I feel a difference between low vibration thoughts and feeling and higher ones. I see different outcomes in my life as a result.

To switch out of “being broke” and “not having any clients”…

Raise your vibration to attract higher vibration results.

I’m not talking about going around like Polyanna, saying only positive words and cliché sayings on the outside, while you still have low vibration thoughts and feelings. I don’t believe in “fake it til you make it”. You have to FEEL it inside. It’s not just the words. It’s not going through the motions. It’s feeling the feeling. People who think faking it til you make it worked for them aren’t really faking it as much as they think they are. They are feeling it or it wouldn’t work.

I see people all the time, speaking positively and regurgitating affirmations… “I’m wealthy.” “I’m abundant.” “I’m happy.” At the same time, they are still thinking and feeling, “I’m broke,” “I can’t afford it,” I’m afraid.” This doesn’t work. You have to shift your inner mindset, not just the outside. You have to feel and believe the words when you say them.

It also doesn’t work to come from a place of desperation. This is a very low vibration. You don’t want to force it. It’s about trust, faith and allowing. Allowing is very different than forcing or wanting. There is no desperation in allowing… and It might sound woo-wooey… but… it frickin’ works!

Think about how you FEEL when you really believe in yourself, when you really believe something you want is coming your way, when you really feel trust, faith and allowing. You can FEEL the higher vibration energy. You feel more motivated, inspired and at peace. Pay attention to those feelings and allow them to come more.

Bottom line:

If you want more money, more clients, more anything, raise your personal energetic vibration by shifting your mindset to truly think supportive thoughts and to truly feel supportive feelings.

It might sound woo-wooey… but… it frickin’ works!

** Please share your thoughts and comments below.  Group discussions create a synergistic energy that is magical and I love to hear your perspectives. **

How to Sell without Selling (and without being pushy)

I often hear people say…

“I don’t like selling.”

“I’m not good at selling.”

“I don’t want to be pushy.”

Maybe you can relate to some, or all of these feelings.

Here’s the deal… If you’re in business, you’re in sales. And that’s ok… because you can be in sales without “selling” and definitely without being pushy.

I have three specific tips for you today to sell without selling and to be sure you’re not being pushy.

#1 – Identify your ideal potential clients

The clearer you are on exactly who your ideal potential clients are, the easier it is for you to find them and speak directly to them. If you have difficulty articulating what you do, you probably haven’t clearly identified your ideal potential clients. While it might seem more lucrative to market to “everyone”, it’s not. I’ll share more on this in a future article. What you need to know for now is that you want what you say to resonate so clearly with your ideal client they feel as if you are inside their head and speaking directly to them.

#2 – Educate your audience

Once you know exactly and specifically who your ideal potential clients are, you also understand the problems they have and the common reasons they might hesitate to buy from you. Hesitation comes from a potential client having questions and often, not knowing what those questions are. You can educate them with high value information and help them understand everything they need to know to make the buying decision. This isn’t about educating them on how great you are, how much experience you have nor is it about how you can solve their problem. It’s about helping them understand their problem, what is at the root of it and what they need to solve it.

#3 – Ask if they want your solution

Only after you have given them high value content do you briefly share your solution in the context of their problem and ask if they want it. By this time, they know you know what you’re talking about and may already be asking you how they can get your solution!

Do you see how these three simple steps can help you sell without “selling” and without being push?!

Get the discussion going and make the real magic happen by sharing your ideas of how to sell without “selling” and without being pushy. Also, use the 3 steps and share your experience. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.