After the Holidays…

This is the time of year where we often hear…  and sometimes say…  “Let’s wait until after the holidays.”

Some of us get so wrapped up (or overwhelmed) by the holiday season, we put everything off that we can until January.  And  let’s be real for a minute…  Are you REALLY going to be less overwhelmed after the holidays???

I doubt it.  There’s always something.  If an opportunity for something you want comes into your life, be wary of putting it off just because it happens to be December.

And if other people use that line on you, be bold in questioning whether January will really be that much better.  At the very  least, schedule a definite time to follow up after the holidays instead of leaving it open.

If you do this instead of accepting a vague follow up “after the holidays”…

  • You can avoid feeling totally unproductive because you’ve scheduled a solid appointment;
  • You have a clear time blocked out on your schedule instead of just creating a bigger “to do” list for January…  so you’re less overwhelmed and more organized;
  • You avoid letting the opportunity slip through the cracks.

What else can you do if you’re feeling a bit unproductive during this time of year?

If you can’t use the time for meetings, use it to handle other things…

  • Plan for next year – Gear up to implement new ideas, products, etc. – Plan out your marketing calendar, etc
  • Update your contact database – Touch base with people to say hi and update their info.  Reconnecting might also spark a new opportunity.
  • Purge old files, clear clutter and get organized.
  • Create and/or update your systems so your business runs more smoothly.
  • Get your tax info together so you’re ready to go BEFORE the deadline.
  • Follow up on old opportunities that haven’t come through yet.
  • Schedule meetings for January…  tell people you’d like to keep it off your to do list. (Yes, I mentioned this twice because it’s that important.)

You can be productive during this time, even if it’s not in the way you usually are.  Set yourself up to start the year off organized & refreshed!