Stop Planning… Start Doing…  6 Tips to Implement and Get Results!!!

Stop Planning… Start Doing… 6 Tips to Implement and Get Results!!!

Implement::: put (a decison, plan, agreement,etc) into effect.

Planning is definitely important. However, it can also be an excuse to procrastinate.

Balance is key here. If you've been planning to perfection, its time to get those plans implemented.

Here are 6 tips to help you get un-stuck, put those plans into action and get results quickly.

1. Choose ONE project to complete first.

Make a list of projects you are planning or working on. Prioritize those projects in terms of impact they will have. Select ONE project to focus on and complete. Usually, the best project to select is the one that is closest to the money. It will bring in the most money, most quickly.

2. Chunk your project down into small tasks to complete.

Write down the tasks that need to be done to complete your project. Break your task list down into the smallest chunks possible so you know exactly what steps you must take to finish the project.

3. Prioritize your task list and set due dates.

Put your tasks in order of importance to be done and set deadlines for yourself to complete them. Some tasks will depend on getting other tasks done. It's also motivating to put some small tasks first so you feel like you're accomplishing something. This creates momentum. Delegate any tasks you can, with deadlines for the person completing those tasks.

4. Use Time Blocking to complete your tasks.

Block out your day into blocks of 50-90 minutes each. Plan specific tasks to complete during each block of time. Be realistic about what you can get done in that amount of time. Plan 5-10 minute breaks between each block so you feel refreshed and can focus completely on your tasks during the work blocks.

5. Focus on your ONE project FIRST each day.

There are always little random tasks that need to be done. Make time for those AFTER you spend time on your ONE key project. Use your first time blocks for your ONE main focus project.

6. Get it DONE, then make improvements.

Your project doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, you'll probably never feel like it is. Get it done. You can always make improvements later if you want to.

These tips will help you get organized and start actually implementing your plans so you can move your business forward and get results.


Its critical to get support that focuses on implementation. My programs are heavily focused on implementing what you learn.

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