Tweaks and Hacks For Success

Tweaks and Hacks For Success

How many times have you set a goal or planned to get a task done, only to have something relatively trivial get in the way of accomplishing it as you intended? Maybe the situation only caused a delay or maybe it caused you to completely lose sight of the goal forever!

Whatever the case, you can set yourself up for success with these tweaks and hacks for what I call your “Environments”...

Your Physical Body

Your health, wellness, fitness and habits that affect your body. If you aren’t in good health or simply don’t have much energy, it can hinder your success.

What changes can you make in this area to support your success? Exercise daily? Eat more veggies? Drink more water?

Your Physical Environment

Your physical space, including your geographic location. A cluttered physical space or living someplace you don’t like can get in your way.

What can you do to change your physical space so you’ll be more successful? Organize and/or throw out stuff? Paint a fun color on the wall? Add flowers or beautiful artwork?

Your Social Environment

The people you surround yourself with. Spending time with people who are negative can bring you down too. On the other hand, positive people will lift you up.

What can you do in this area to bring more success to your life? Who can you invite into your life? Who will you spend less time with?

Your Mental Environment

Knowledge and Thoughts. If you’re missing crucial knowledge to be successful, you’ll struggle.

What can you do in this area to be successful more easily? Learn a skill? Find someone to delegate to?

Your Emotional Environment

Attitude and Feelings. Your mindset is key to your success. If you have confidence, passion and a positive attitude, success will come more easily to you.

What can you do to tweak this area? Meditate? Listen to happy music? Do an activity you enjoy immensely? Positive affirmations?

Your Spiritual Environment

Connecting with your soul, the universe, whatever spiritual entities you believe in. When you connect with your spiritual side, you’re also connecting with your purpose. Feeling purposeful can pull success to you more easily.

What changes can you make to enhance your spiritual environment?

Your Discovery Environments

Creating or putting yourself into situations that allow you to learn and grow. Getting out of your comfort zone on a consistent basis allows you to grow.

What changes will you make to this area? Bucket List? Do something new each month, week, day?

There are a plethora of changes you can make to your environments. It may seem overwhelming! You can make it manageable. Choose a few items to focus on first, then chunk them down into pieces and tackle one thing at a time. Design a rapid implementation plan to schedule each action you need to take to make each change.

Before you know it you will transform your world so it is pulling you toward success at light speed.

Bonus Tips and Resources

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Thank you for being a part of our community!  I am truly grateful to have you here.

All My Best!!!

Jen Kunkel
Freedom Lifestyle Strategist
for SoloPreneurs

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2 thoughts on “Tweaks and Hacks For Success

  1. Jen,
    Every step that you have shared in this blog has been right on the mark in helping me to bring my business ideas to fruition. Hiring you as my business coach was the first step in the process, then working with you systematically through each step that you list here shows me that you are using this very process in your own business. It works! Thank you for willingly sharing your knowledge, skill sets and personality with the business world.

    1. Thank you Paula! I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with you to bring your wonderful ideas to fruition.

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